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Help Overcoming Sports and Running Injuries

Foot biomechanics can make or break a sportsperson’s career. This is because the bone structures of the foot determine the movement patters of a person. Faulty bone structures lead to bad movement patters, which in turn lead to injuries (both mild and severe). A majority of the injuries on the joints, bones, muscles and tendon are as a result of faulty biomechanics.

Biomechanics simply refers to the bone structure, joint alignment and control of skeletal movements as determined by the activation of the muscles. For example, if you are carrying a heavy load, the foot and knee collapse inwards, just as they do when landing from a jump or when running or walking. This movement, if done repeatedly over a long period can weaken the muscles and cause problems such as reported by the CDC, which distort posture. It can also lead to a myriad of other issues. Read More...

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Help Overcoming Sports And Running Injuries

Help Overcoming Sports And Running Injuries


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