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Foot biomechanics can make or break a sportsperson’s career. This is because the bone structures of the foot determine the movement patters of a person. Faulty bone structures lead to bad movement patters, which in turn lead to injuries (both mild and severe). A majority of the injuries on the joints, bones, muscles and tendon are as a result of faulty biomechanics.

Biomechanics simply refers to the bone structure, joint alignment and control of skeletal movements as determined by the activation of the muscles. For example, if you are carrying a heavy load, the foot and knee collapse inwards, just as they do when landing from a jump or when running or walking. This movement, if done repeatedly over a long period can weaken the muscles and cause problems such as reported by the CDC, which distort posture. It can also lead to a myriad of other issues.

Improving biomechanical patterns is one of the keys to minimizing stress on the musculoskeletal system, which reduces the occurrence of pain and is supplied by Footlogics. This is achieved through using the right corrective devices and exercises. One such corrective device is the orthotics. These are worn in the shoes to provide cushioning that aligns the foot and changes the movement pattern this reduces the compression pressure on the joints, ultimately allowing the muscles to work optimally.

How Orthotics Improve Sports Performance

There are several injuries that are common with sports people. Such injuries include heel problems, and with the right help from the CSPC, runner’s knee, shin splints among so many others can be treated. Customized orthotics can be made to address specific problems so as to enhance sports performance. Here are 5 ways orthotics can be used to improve performance.

Foot alignment
   Foot misalignment can lead to overpronation or oversupination, which can lead to gait problems and consequently, poor skeletal movement. This misalignment can affect the big toe, which in turn reduces efficiency of the propulsion phase. This will also mean that your turn over will be slow, so will your running. Custom orthotics ensure that the pressure in evenly distributed to improve hallux function, and increase running speed.
   Have you ever run on a hard surface in your regular shoes? How did it feel? Well, it is always uncomfortable to walk, run or stand on hard surfaces without well padded shoes. This is because constantly pounding your heels on hard surfaces can lead to tension, soreness and heel pain, which in turn interferes with your performance. Orthotics can be used in the shoe to improve cushioning around specific areas as well as provide arch support. This gives the feet proper shock absorption as well as evenly distributes the pressure on the soles of the feet.
   Some custom orthotic devices are designed to give a spring to the foot for a quicker rebound. Orthotic devices that are especially made of polypro or graphite and have a viscotene or dynatene backing are especially good for the spring effect. However, the combination of materials to be used has to be determined by a certified pedorthist. This is because if you use orthotic devices that are not suited to your feet, they could cause or exaggerate a structural problem.
Reduce fatigue
   Fatigue is common with sports people. However, it is worse with those who suffer from poor foot biomechanics, and it does not always occur after running for too long. Sometimes you can run a short distance and experience foot fatigue, which can latter turn to other conditions such as heel pain, heel spurs, and Medlineplus just to name a few. Orthotic devices are used to maintain proper foot alignment so that the muscles are not overstrained, which is usually triggers fatigue. 
Prevent injuries
  People with poor bone structure conditions such as supination or pronation are prone to injury. It is especially worse when one is involved in regular sports.  Orthotic devices are used to provide extra support and re-align the foot bones and muscles, making it easier to walk or run. This cushioning also prevents injuries that could be caused by stressed muscles and tendons.

Final words…

HHS offer treatments as well as offer relief for existing conditions. However, it is very important to note that you should only get them if you need them, and only at the prescription of a podiatrist. This is because you can pick out the wrong device which accelerates the problem instead of solving it. You can even pick a device that will cause a problem you did not have! Therefore, before you pick any off-the-counter device, see your doctor. You will be surprised that your condition may only need some exercises!

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Help Overcoming Sports And Running Injuries

Help Overcoming Sports And Running Injuries


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